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Tapioca : Magic Plant Part 2

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Video berkaitan dengan industri ubi kayu di Thailand..

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Fungsi-fungsi dan cara-cara pembajaan dan penanaman ubi kayu serta jenis-jenis ubi kayu yang ditanam. Ia juga menunjukkan cara-cara untuk membuat benih ubi kayu dan cara-cara penjagaan.


Narrator :

Presently tapioca is an essential cash crop.. with profit margin breaking only behind top exports.. rubber and rice.. a variety of species of tapioca, is grown throughout Thailand all are categorized under 3 main types. No. 1.. the type used for human consumption is any sweet tasting tapioca including those with soft and flaky flash as well as more dense flash species.. these type is the least produced of the three.. No. 2.. the type used for industrial purposes is any bitter tasting species.. that can be used in the various industrial processes.. this type is the most prevailingly grown.. No. 3.. the type used for decorative purposes is grown exclusively for the plant overall ecstatic quality such as the vibrant colour of its leaves...



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